In English & supported throughout all subjects, we aim to empower & enrich our children’s vocabulary and so prepare them for the next stage in their educational journey (& beyond) so that no child is hindered or held back by a deficit of language.


At St Mary's, we want pupils to be able to articulate themselves & their learning through their ever growing vocabulary.

To support children in learning vocabulary we:

*  ensure that all pupil's have access to high quality texts in class which are full of rich vocabulary

*  teach guided reading daily and explore the meaning of words

*  encourage children to read at home each night by borrowing a book from the classroom library 

*  read a class novel and explore the language used

*  have a word wall in class where great words can be written and 'magpied'

*  explicitly teach subject specific vocabulary in context

* all key stage one children read one to one to an adult at least once a week 

We also want all children at St Mary's to develop a love of reading to become life long readers. We foster children's love of reading by:

*  Reading a class novel daily

*  Building in time in the day for children to read to themselves each day

*  Hosting READy Brek every week so families can read together

*  Having a Book Swap Shop to allow children can swap their book for another every week

*  Visiting the local library

*  Key Stage One children watching the dramatisation of a book at the Crucible Theatre

*  Celebrating World Book Day 

*  Inviting authors in to talk to classes

*  Having a range of genres to read in class

We ensure that reading skills are taught in a sequential way so children become confident and fluent reader. Our progression of skills can be seen below. The best way you can support your child at home is to read with them daily, let them see the enjoyment you get from reading, and practice their phonics skills with them.