Meet the Local School Board

In the Diocese of Sheffield’s Academy Trust, ultimate accountability and governance lies with our Trust Board. However, our Local School Board are valued partners in the trust’s mission and are our local 'feet on the ground'.

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The Local School Board

Our Local School Board acts in an advisory capacity. It meets three times yearly to consider and scrutinise how we deliver for our pupils, parents and wider community. Members of the school board also support the school in recruitment and other local activities that help ensure the school reflects the community’s needs and retains its unique identity.

More details can be found on the website in the document Local School Boards in DSAT. 

Our Local School Board is made up of following 8 members:

Chair of the Local School Board- Duncan Payne (parent)

Vice Chair of the Local School Board- Hywel Jones (parent)

Headteachers- Sharon Patton (Executive Headteacher) & Karen Miller (Head of School)

Parent member- Wendy Foster

Foundation Members- Revd Canon Dr Matthew Rhodes & David Clark

Staff member- Michelle Grant