Theological Rationale

Summary of our Vision:
  • Inspired by our faith in Christ, and together with our parents, carers, churches and communities, we aim to achieve the following:
  • For each person to reach their full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • To provide a welcoming, safe and happy school where everyone is respected and listened to; and where we take pride in ourselves and our achievements, enabling children to become confident and successful learners.
  • To rise above the ordinary and promote excellence by providing a positive, inclusive environment for learning and growth.
  • To nurture children so that they understand and are able to adapt positively as active citizens and courageous advocates, to the diverse world in which they live, both now and in the future.



​Reaching our Full Potential & Taking Pride in Ourselves & Our Achievements

At St Mary’s, we believe in supporting every child to understand their worth as a child of God - an individual part of God’s wonderful creation (Psalm 139:13-16), made in (and carrying) his image (Gen1:27) and with a special purpose and destiny to fulfil (Jer1:4, Rom1:1, Phil 2:13). From this, children derive an inner confidence through which they can flourish through a rich and varied curriculum as well as in their relationships with each other. This is an environment in which their worth is celebrated; where they are encouraged to have pride in their own and each other’s achievements and so, like God, be able to say of their work: ‘It is good!’ (Gen1:10).


Rising Above the Ordinary with Jesus at the Centre of our Values, Learning Actions & Aspirations

In focussing on our own uniqueness as children of God, we also celebrate our differences from strengths, talents and experiences, to background, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, culture, identity and orientation.  In this, we look to the example of Jesus, the all-inclusive Saviour of the World, who modelled grace to everyone with whom he came into contact, no matter who or what they were, and regardless of background, beliefs or status.

Through the values that we hold dear, our actions are guided by the Christian principles which Jesus taught: to love (Jn13:34-35) and to forgive others (Matt 7:12). In our learning, we all strive to work hard (Eccl 9:10, 1Cor 15:58, Eph 6:7) as well as understand the importance of rest (Ex 20:8-9) and to simply ‘Be still’ (Psalm 46:10). We also want our children to aspire, to be supported in their learning & to have grit and determination to ‘press on towards the goal’ (Phil 3:14) - even when it is challenging (Luke 22:42).

In addition to our varied curriculum, we also want to provide opportunities to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills - all within Jesus’s model of Servant Leadership which gives to others at a cost to ourselves (Isa 53, Phil 2:5-11, Jn13:12-14) as well as manages strategically for the very best use of our talents (Matt25:14-30).


Christian Belonging & Believing for All

Together with our parents, churches and wider communities, we aim for all children to ‘live life in all its fullness’ (Jn10:10), to thrive in the school environment, be excited by the curriculum and to marvel at the vastness of what can be learned within the context of God’s creation (Psalm92:1-4).

Out of our central beliefs, we are bound together as a family and one body (1Cor12:12-26) where everyone is valued and all have the responsibility of doing to others what we would have them do to us (Matt7:12).


Active Citizens & Courageous Advocacy

As a result of our confidence in believing and belonging, we look outwards and aim to be a positive influence as ‘salt and light in the world’ in order to make a difference to others (Matt5:13-16). Through a curriculum and collective worship that inspires as well as global opportunities which explore how we can bring about change, our children show a strong expectation and willingness to take up the call to service (Isa 6:8), to be good stewards of all that God has given them (Gen1:26, 28; 1Pet 4:10) as well as be courageous advocates to challenge injustice (Prov31: 8-9, Amos 5:24, Gal 6:2).

All the children are familiar with our Theological Rational. In each class an adapted version of the rational is on display for all pupils to see.