Prayers and Reflection

At St Mary's, we know the value of taking time to pause & de-stress & believe that it contributes significantly to our children’s well being & development.

As a result, we try to offer many opportunities  for our children  to take time out & reflect on their feelings, behaviour & our place in the world.

Within school we have special prayer / reflection areas in each classroom. This is an ideal space for children to take the opportunity to pray, think, pause, reflect or just simply ‘chill’. Sometimes children may use an object to help them do this, e.g. a palm cross, a teddy, a smooth pebble, etc. Bibles plus prayer prompt cards are also available for children to read if they wish. The areas also have cushions and a sealed box where worries/ thoughts/prayers /questions can be posted. No child is ever forced, but the areas are free to use entirely as a child wishes.

At St Mary's we welcome children of all faiths and we try to accommodate different religious practices as best we can. For example, during Ramadan, our pupils who are of the Islamic Faith and given the opportunity to pray and reflect in accordance to their religious customs. We invite them to explain to the other children the differences and similarities in how they pray to develop an understanding of each others beliefs.

This year we are starting a new annual tradition of St Mary's Prayer Day. Please click here to find out more!

A group of parents also meet in The Meeting Room every Tuesday morning at 9:00am for about 30 minutes to pray for the school. We would love more parents to join us in praying, however we are aware that many of you are busy in the morning. If you are able to join us on a Tuesday morning, then we would love to see you whenever you can make it. We normally wait in the entrance hall at 8.50 before heading to the office. Thank you!