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Art and Design at St Mary's

In Art and Design and supported throughout all subjects, we aim to empower and enrich our children’s knowledge and understanding about the world in which we live them for the next stage in their educational journey (and beyond), so that no child is hindered or past and held back by a deficit of knowledge or language as a result of deprivation. We want them to be able to articulate themselves and their learning through a wide bank of art and design terminology as well as being creative and innovative in their discovery, speech and writing. We aim to inspire our children to become fluent, confident life-long learners who can discuss the joy of acquiring knowledge as well as developing their own style and expression.We aim to educate our children to understand how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

To find out more about the intent, implement and impact of Art and Design, please click here.

The Curriculum

Below is the progression document for Art and Design which outlines the skills, knowledge and vocabulary pupils will be taught in each year group. We deliver Art and Design through our 'topics' to give the learning a meaningful context.

Please read our Art and Design Policy for more details.

Please click here to read the National Curriculum.

Art and Design Concepts

Progression in Art and Design Skills and Knowledge 


Each year at St Mary's, all pupils receive a 'Learning Passport'. This passport contains all of

the skills and knowledge that they will learn that year. It also has all of the skills and

knowledge they have covered in the past. Teachers refer to this passport regularly and pupils

view it frequently to ensure 'sticky knowledge' is developed- this means that pupils are quickly

recalling what they have already learnt so skills and knowledge can be built on each year. 

Art and Design Passport

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