Educational Visits

At St Mary's, we love an educational visit, as it puts learning into context and really brings learning to life. Each class will go on an educational visit each term which may be topic, RE or PE related. Prior to each visit, parent's will be given six weeks notice to give us permission to take their child, then a risk assessment will be performed by the lead teacher and an Itinerary will be produced. We do take children out on local educational visits that we do not seek separate permission for, such as visiting the local library, taking the choir to local care homes and visiting the local church every half term to participate in a Service. Year 4 pupils also attend Ponds Forge each week for swimming lessons. 

Here are some photographs of our most recent fantastic visits. 

Year 5/6- Bowling Treat

Year 3/4- Bishop's House

Year 4/5- Stained Glass