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CREW Council  

St Mary's CREW Council is a group of children from Y3 to Y6 whose job it is to make Religious Education & Collective Worship across our school even better.

As such they have special CREW Council badges to identify them so

that they can take regular feedback from their classmates as well as

children across the rest of the school.

They meet regularly to discuss CREW matters including planning &

leading assemblies, evaluating RE lessons plus developing new ways

that we can build our Christian ethos as a church school.


Each term, the  CREW Council focuses on one of the Christian themes for the term:

                                      Year 1                                                 Year 2

Autumn I         Thankfulness & Harvest                             New beginnings

Autumn II     Thankfulness & God’s Gifts                            Salvation Plan

Spring I                 Christian Heroes                             God’s Plan for our Lives

Spring II                          Faith                                             Biblical Heroes

Summer I         Friendship & Pentecost                      Leadership & Servanthood

Summer II                   Creation                                                    Hope



The CREW Council plan an assembly to introduce the theme for the term including a

Bible story, some drama, a prayer & a worship song. Certificates are the presented

at the end of the half term for those children who have particularly shown the related

Christian values in their behaviour or in something that they have achieved.

Some of the things that the CREW Council hope to achieve:

  • Planning & leading Assemblies, prayer & worship songs

  • Evaluating RE lessons, class prayers & prayer spaces

  • Writing a school prayer

  • Organise events, e.g.  Prayer Days, church services, Harvest collections & charity fundraisers

  • Develop outside worship by improving on & encouraging the use of places of reflection

  • Meeting the local vicar as well as visitors to school assemblies

  • Organising publicity including the web page, visitor leaflets & newsletters

  • Producing a scrap book of what it means to be a church school

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