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Brilliant Behaviour





We are extremely proud of the high standards of behaviour in our school! We work hard to ensure that children learn how to behave & know how to live successfully together so that everyone can be happy. 

We have a policy of positive behaviour & believe in rewarding children to build their self esteem & guide them in the right direction towards becoming the very best that they can be!

We have four Merit Teams: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire & Emerald and children are given merit points for following the rules & helping each other. We also have a half termly treat afternoon for the winning team! The teams are headed up by Y6s (a boy & girl captain for each team) who have been voted in as good role models & ambassadors. 

At St Mary's 'respect yourself, respect others and respect the environment'

Our Golden Rules are easy to remember & easy to follow so that children can be successful at our school:
1. We do our best;

2. We are honest;

3. We are kind and helpful;

4. We walk sensibly;

5. We are good at sitting and listening to each other;

6. We are gentle. 

Because we believe in being positive with children, we find that we

have very few behaviour issues in our school & children manage

their own behaviour very well. If there is an ongoing behaviour issue, 

there are consequences in place.


We also reward fantastic learning behaviours & have a superstar learner each week from each class who is given a certificate in assembly & has their name published in St Mary's Mag.

Please click to download our Behaviour Policy

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