World Book Day 

At St Mary's, we make a big deal our of World Book Day as we love reading and this is our chance to celebrate our love of books! WBD is celebrated all over the country on the first Thursday in March and at St Mary's we like our children to not only 'get reading' but also to do lots of other acitivites.


During the week we have special assemblies and an outfit parade and all children share their special books in class. Children are also given a 'World Book Day' voucher, which can be exchanged for special editions or can be used as part payment towards buying any other book. 

last WBD, each class was challenged to create a costume based on the class book that was being read each day. This was a fun challenge as it meant pupils needed to use their creativity to produce a wonderful costume- even the teachers got involved!

Year 5/6 have dressed up as charcters from Kaspar: Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo. Special mention needs to go to The Titanic and the infamous Iceberg.