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Call us today on 0114 2344461 to book an appointment to tour our lovely school

Tour our School 

St Mary's was build in 1865 and is well hidden in the Heart of Walkey. We take pride in not only ourselves, but in our lovely, learning environment and would warmly welcome visitors to tour our special school. 

Please read our prospectus to find out more about out school.

Below is a sneak peek of what you'd see when walking around St Mary's:


Our Victorian school building is full double glazed and we had

revamped heating system installed in 2017 and a new roof in 2018. 


The school office where you can find Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Moorwood and Mr Webb working hard. 


We really are an extraordinary family at St Mary's! 




Being a Victorian building, we are very lucky to have large classrooms which allow children the space and the freedom to move around into different areas. All of our classrooms have a prayer area and a class library.  

View of the Year One classroom from the door- the topic is 'Moon Zoom', can you tell? 


View of the Year One classroom from the classroom teacher's viewpoint.


Part of the Year 3 classroom with its inviting reading area.


In our Year 4 classroom, the prayer area takes centre stage

All our classrooms are bright, airy and decluttered- we want children to be able to focus on learning with minimum distractions

The school Hall 


The school hall is located on the second floor of our building and is at the heart of our school. It is used for indoor PE lessons, Daily Collective worship, weekly singing lessons, Philosophy for Children (P4C) sessions, plays and performances and school dinners- when you tour our school there is guaranteed to be something exciting happening in there!  


Breakfast and After School Club  


Breakfast and After School Club has it's own dedicated space in school as we want children to feel incredibly relaxed in this space. As you can see, there are lots of toys and resources that children can choose to use when playing with their friends.

For more information about our OFSTED OUTSTANDING facilities, please click here.

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