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Parents' Comments

"As practising Buddhists living in the Walkley community, we would like our daughter to attend a faith school that shares similar values to our own. In particular, the focus within the school on P4C, philosophy for children, links directly to the Buddhist ethos with which we raise Nia. I attended C of E school as a child and greatly enjoyed the religious aspects of my education. Also, unlike some other schools in the area, the school attracts pupils from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, which would suit Nia as she is of mixed Indian/white heritage. Furthermore, the school has a strong focus on behaviour and a strong sense of community responsibility amongst the pupils, two things which I, as a teacher, value in a school."



"We would like our son to attend this school because of many reasons, some of which were how we were welcomed and shown around the school, we found the staff to be very knowledgeable and have an enormous sense of pride. When reading through the school prospectus we really got a sense of just how well the school is being run, something that really rang true with us was the schools mission statement. On the day of the viewing we found the school to have excellent facilities with an excellent layout. The small size nature of the school and the classes is something we found to be very impressive, class size to us is very important as we feel our son will be given a focused and driven education. The school ticks this box for us and together with the excellent teaching standards we are sure our son can achieve greatly. The curriculum that is being taught is brilliant, there is vast range of subjects which have been carefully selected together with how the children are actively encouraged to question what they are being taught is something that will put them on the right path to being a confident and successful member of society. The school has some fantastic policies especially the one that the children are actively encouraged to stay positive and noticing that children respond best to praise. There is an enormous sense of community within the school, we really felt this on the day of the viewing, we are especially impressed with how parents are encouraged to get involved with the school together with the allocated amount of time each day to come into the school and see how well the children are doing and what they are/have being working on is fantastic. We have many friends with children that attend this school and they only ever have good things to say about the school. Overall, we found this school to be the best school by far and hope that our son can be a part of it."



"We are applying to St Marys Cof E school as our primary choice because we felt that the ethos of the school strongly supports our family values in recognising Jesus as paramount in our everyday lives. On speaking to parents of children already at this school, and furthermore following our visit to the school, we were impressed by the teaching styles and the extra curricular activities and community involvement that are in place to enhance every child's learning experience. We found this also echoed our own Christian values. We found the school, and the teaching/support staff to be calm, warm, professional and friendly and felt that our son would really feel at home here. As parents we believe that the environment created within the school was well suited to support and encourage his personal development making sure that his time at school can be a thoroughly enjoyable one in which he can thrive."