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Meet the Junior Leadership Team for 2018/19

Meet the Junior Leadership Team for 2018/19 1



We held a democratic election campaign the first week of our Autumn Term.

All children were given the opportunity to think about the qualities a class representative should have, and consider whether they would like to be elected themselves.

Children wanting to represent their class were invited to present their election promises, before a secret ballot was held. At St Mary's we used ballot booths, where each child put a cross on the ballot paper beside the name of the person they wanted to represent their class.


The secret ballot papers were then counted and the results announced in assembly. The class representative with the most votes were invited to join our Junior Leadership Team.


The Junior Leadership Team meet most weeks, where we discuss and suggest how we can help improve the school and benefit everyone, and consider fundraising events for charities and the school. 



We were very successful last year


We organised a ’Spotacular’ School Disco in aid of Children In Need,  which was popular with all children. Mr 'Pudsey' Webb was the DJ. We sold merchandise and buns provided by our generous parents and carers and we raised  a massive £510.20 for Children in Need.


We have presented a 'Be Bright, Be Seen' assembly and have presented certificates and awards at two Children's University Celebration Assemblies.