Dear parents & carers

Some activities that your children could be doing whilst they are unable

to attend school:

  • TT Rockstars and Numbots app (both have the same username and password)

  • Practise previously learnt spellings and put each into a sentence

  • Read lots of books

  • Write book reviews

  • Practise times tables/number bonds

  • Go on the school website daily to look for calculation and sentences their teacher wants them to complete 

  • Create your own five part story

  • Create your own traditional fairytale

  • Make your own game and write instruction for how to play it

  • Research and write a biography about your favorite author/sports person/courageous advocate

  • Look at activities on Twinkl as they are offering one month free for pupils of schools that have closed

  • Look at phonics games on this fun website (username:march20    password:home)

  • Practise your coding on Scratch/Scratchjnr

  • Make up songs for each of the times tables

  • Look on our school website> Parents>How to Help your Child for a list of useful websites

Links to free websites & resources:

Access Twinkl resources via: & put in the code: UKTWINKLHELPS

A full list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings:

We also have a list of activities children should do before they leave school

Foundation Stage-

* Go on a spring walk 

* Go on a mini- beast hunt in the garden

* Write/email a 'penpal' (this could be another child in school

* Learn how to check you pulse

* Make a flower necklace

* Start a 'collection'

* Make a home for a small creature 

* Make leaf rubbings

* Bake some biscuits

* Perform a dance to your parents

* Perform a song

* Press flowers

* Make a mud pie

Key Stage One- 

* Have a meal without technology

* Learn how the place you live got its name

* Make a daisy chain 

* Make a musical instrument

* Make a puppet

* Perform a puppet show

* Make a paper boat and see if it floats

* Make a sandwich

* Make a treasure map

* Paint a self portrait

* Write a weather report

* Bake a cake

* Climb a tree

* Build a den in the livingroom

* Count the stars

* Sleep in the garden

* Fly a kite

* Go bird watching 

Key Stage 2-

* See a sunrise/sunset

* Send an email

* Teach someone something you're good at

* Use a compass

* Write a biography

* Write a play

* Write and record a radio play

* Build and fly a kite

* Change a bike tyre

* Learn to ride a bike safely

* Cook on a camp fire

* Choose objects to put in a time capsule

* Do a blindfolded taste test

* Find out one things your parents would like to accomplish

* Make and eat a picnic in the garden

* Interview someone

* Iron a shirt

* Keep a diary for a week

* Make a friendship bracelet

* Learn 20 flags of the world

* Make paper mache planets

* Cook a meal for your family

* Learn to sew on a button

* Learn the national anthem

* Plant/grow vegetables in the garden