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What is Children's University?


Sheffield Children's  University (CU) is part of a national initiative encouraging and celebrating Sheffield children and young people who take part in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside of school hours.

Our school is a subscibed school and we are registered as a Learning Destination of outside of school hours activities.

Children are awarded a credit for every hour of learning at activities such as dance, arts, football, netball and at museums, libraries and even farms!

These credits earn you award certificates and badges right up to 1000 hours, it's lots of fun and they look great on CV's and applications for college or university.




There are lots of activities available in the Easter holidays that earn you Children's University credits - just look in their newsletter

The Children's University Newsletter for February Half Term 2018 - there are lots of free activities to join in during the holidays!

The Clubs we have run in the 2017/18 Autumn term are -


Art Club

Breakfast Club

Craft Club

Handball Club

Junior Leadership Club

Karate Club

KS2 Choir

Musical Instrument Club

Netball Club

Sign Language Club



Clubs we ran in Spring and Summer 2017 terms


Junior Leadership Team








Musical Instrument


Change for Life



Foundation Craft





Sign Language



Thank you to all teachers, After School staff, office staff and volunteers who run our fantastic selection of clubs.



How many awards have been achieved by children at St Mary's?


We are very proud that this term a total of 81.3% of our pupils between  FS2 and Y6 have participated in a club that is run outside of school hours, (with the exception of musical instrument lessons).

FS2 = 35%, Y1 = 70%, Y2 = 83%, Y3 = 81%, Y4 = 100%, Y5 = 100% and Y6 = 100%.


A total of 20 awards were awarded to children for the Autumn.

They consisted of 10 bronze awards (30 hours), 2 silver awards (65 hours), 1 gold award (100 hours), 1 bronze certificate (130 hours), 1 silver certificate (165 hours), 2 bronze diplomas, (230 hours) 1 silver diploma (265 hours), 1 gold diploma (300 hours) and 1 bronze degree (330 hours).

1 point is awarded for every hour of additional learning outside of school hours.


We have already submitted our club registers for the next batch of credits to be added, so hopefully before the Easter holidays we will have even more awards and credits to share.

At St Mary's C of E Academy, we have a variety of breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs available for Spring Term.


Breakfast Club

We have a Breakfast Club available every day from 7.45am, where our children eat a healthy breakfast to set them up and prepare them for a busy day at school.

The cost of this club is £2.50 per session.


Lunchtime Clubs

We currently run Choir Practice for KS2 children Tuesday lunch, Junior Leadership Team on Wednesday lunch, two groups of Sign Language Club on Thursday lunch and Change for Life Club.


After School Clubs

We run a popular After School Club every evening, which we are very proud of - it was recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding! 

The cost of this club is £5.00 per half session up to 4.30pm, or £7.50 for a full session up to 6pm.

At the After School Club we hold the Baking Club where the children bake biscuits and buns that are shared with the children at After School Club, and Craft Club.


We also run a variety of clubs at no cost, and these take place between 3.15 and 4.15pm.


Y4/5/6 Netball

KS2 Science


Y4/5 Cricket

Y1/2/3 Gardening


Y3/4 Hockey


Tuesday afternoon we also run Musical Instrument Club for Y4,5 and 6.


Watch this space!


We have made three successful bids to the Children's University for funding and materials to enable us to start three new clubs.

The Junior Leadership Team canvassed their classes for ideas for new clubs, and helped to co-ordinate our bids.

We received £250.00 to set up a Flower Arranging and Gift and Craft Making Club, soil, gardening tools and seeds to set up a Gardening Club and musical instruments and a dance lesson for Miss Davidson to enable us to set up a Salsa Club.


 A copy of our letter from Children's University


Good afternoon


I just wanted to contact you to let you know that your application to the Acorn Fund has been successful and your school will receive the requested funds to support the activity outlined on your form. Hopefully you will be aware of this by now as a cheque and letter confirming your successful application has been sent into school through the internal mail so you can present it to children and young people in assembly.


Congratulations! I hope you are able to thank the children and young people involved on our behalf for all their work in submitting the application form. We were very impressed with the amount of research and consultation that was evidenced in many of the applications we received.


Clubs we ran in the Autumn Term

Art Club

Choir KS1 and KS2

Computer Club

Cookery Club

Crafts Club


Healthy Eating

Junior Leadership Team

Musical instruments







Children can earn extra credits at learning destinations outside of school and record them in a passport to learning

More details of the benefits of Children's University to children, their families and the school

These are the awards our children can achieve